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Yamaha RTX1100 VPN Router ships with Cavium Networks' NITROX Soho Processor

NITROX Soho Processors continue to gain world-wide momentum for SOHO/SME security applications

Santa Clara, CA, January 31, 2005 - Cavium Networks, the leader in content and security processing with the industry's broadest product line, today announced that Yamaha's recently introduced RTX1100 Broadband Router incorporates the Cavium Networks NITROX Soho Secure Communication Processor (SCP). With the market leading features, price and performance provided by the NITROX Soho processor, the RTX1100 provides a compelling solution for the Japanese high-end SOHO and SME markets. For more information on RTX1100, please visit the Yamaha website at:

"With the RTX1100, Yamaha has been able to achieve industry-leading price/performance in a VPN-over-broadband environment," said Akira Takayama, General Manager IT Products Development Division of Yamaha's AV and IT Business Group. "We chose the NITROX Soho Processor as it is a stable, robust product. Moreover, it enabled a very rapid time-to-market due to the high scalability of this product family that allowed us to leverage the development effort from the RTX1000, and the excellent technical support from Cavium Networks."

NITROX Soho is an industry leading Secure Communication Processor family with the best performance, lowest solution cost and unmatched scalability for SOHO/SME applications. NITROX Soho Processor family includes six different software and pin-compatible parts which deliver a range of price, performance and interface options. The product family integrates a MIPS32T 4Km Processor with 16KB I-Cache and 16KB D-Cache, 16KB scratchpad and a 32 bit SDRAM main memory interface.

The new NITROX Soho CN22X products also integrate two powerful security acceleration engines, with full packet and protocol processing offload, to the existing NITROX Soho processor family. This frees up the CPU for other applications and enables support of up to 200Mbps of all standard encryption and hashing algorithms such as DES, 3DES, 256 bit AES, ARC4, CCMP and HMAC MD5/SHA1 along with up to 1750 RSA 1024bit exponent or 3000 Diffie-Hellman 180bit exponent operations per second.

The NITROX Soho Secure Communication Processors provide a wide range of networking I/Os on-chip including three 10/100 Ethernet MACs, 32bit/33 MHz PCI, UARTs, GPIOs, timers and serial buses for optimal system integration. A complete Software Development Kit is available with evaluation boards, software and drivers, Linux and VxWorks OS support and a broad range of third-party software applications.

Cavium Networks NITROX Soho Processors are ideal for SOHO/SME equipment such as Broadband Routers, Security Appliances, SSL VPNs, and Wireless Access Points and Switches. The products have been deployed in currently shipping high-volume equipment from leading OEMs and ODMs in the US and Asia.

"NITROX Soho Processors continue to be adopted by leading SOHO/SME vendors due to their optimal combination of integration and cost, coupled with a scalable product family," said Rajiv Khemani, VP of Marketing at Cavium Networks. "We are pleased to enable Yamaha to deliver a market leading product portfolio with the NITROX Soho Family."

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