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Winning Products

Winning Products

The exact list of products using Cavium' products is confidential since this information is considered proprietary-information by our customers. However in some cases our customers elect to mention they are using Cavium Products. Below is a list of announced products based on Cavium' silicon.

Application Delivery Controller

high-performance application networking platform
AX Series Application Delivery Controller

The AX Series' scalable, high-performance application networking platform delivers enterprises, Web properties and ISPs superior reliability and an energy efficient footprint for lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

32 MIPS64 cores

64-bit cores per bladeAX Series Advanced
Traffic Manager

A10 Networks' AX Series is the industry's best price/performance advanced traffic manager - helping enterprises and ISPs maximize application availability through a high-performance and scalable application delivery platform.

network processing cards

Base Station Processors ATCA-7310

This high-end ATCA blade features dual Cavium OCTEON II CN6880 processors, each with 32 MIPS64 cores for a total of 64x 64-bit cores per blade.

Converged Ethernet Environment

Storage ConnectivityNCP-7560

The NCP-7560 represents the high performance end of Advantech’s Packetarium product line. It integrates up to 8 powerful, multi-core Packetarium™ network processing cards for wire speed packet processing providing up to 80 Gbps throughput.

Data-Center Acceleration

Network Interface CardNCPB-2320

The NCPB-2320 is based on the Cavium OCTEON II 32-core CN6880 processor. It supports up to 32 GB of memory on four DIMM sockets.

SSL and VPN Appliance

WLAN ControllersNCPB-2305

NCPB-2305 Packetarium form factor that can plug into either the NCP-3105 or the NCP-3120

Routing and Switching

Cloud InfrastructureAirSynergy Pico
Base Station
AirSynergy is an all-in-one compact Outdoor Pico Base Station, which supports a wide range of broadband wireless interfaces including 4G LTE and 4G WiMAX. AirSynergy is Airspan's latest generation of Software Defined Radio (SDR) Base Stations, which supports 4G access and non line of sight high capacity wireless backhaul from the same network node.

Storage Network Solutions

Security GatewayMPX
Citrix NetScaler MPX appliances are high performance, hardware-based solutions that provide industry-leading web application delivery and load balancing, as well as enabling a full service delivery fabric that spans enterprise datacenters and cloud infrastructures to make applications and cloud services run five times better.

Cloud Deployments Adapters

Data-Center and Enterprise AccelerationJuniper SRX - Router
SRX Series Services Gateways are high-performance security, routing, and switching, solutions based on Dynamic Services Architecture that provideshigh port-density, advanced security, and flexible connectivity, in a single, easily managed platform.

SME Servers & Workstations

SME Servers & WorkstationsAT8242
The collaboration between Kontron and Cavium Networks brings leading silicon innovations to market fast by packaging them on common standard ATCA, MicroTCA and AMC hardware. Here you can quickly find Kontron’s broad range of Cavium products including OCTEON Plus 12-Core, OCTEON II 6-Core and the latest OCTEON II Dual 32-Core.

Storage Server

2U Rack-Mount ServerOCTEON II AMC AM4211
Platform design considerations for the Kontron AMC module AM4211 include using it as an eNodeB and LTE network element component or, in combination with full-scale ATCA® blades, as a co-processor Network Interface Card (NIC).

Cloud Infrastructure Security

SMB and SOHO SwitchesMR-950 Communication Platform
The Lanner MR-950 security appliance utilizes OCTEON's CN58XX and CN38XX series of Multi-core MIPS64. The MR-950 also integrates essential and unique hardware acceleration for intelligent networking, including compression/decompression, TCP, and pattern matching, delivering industry best performance.

enterprise Internet gateways

firewall and threat preventionPA-5000 Series – Application Firewall
The PA-5000 Series of next-generation firewalls is designed to protect data centers, large enterprise Internet gateways, and service provider environments where traffic demands dictate predictable firewall and threat prevention throughput.

2U rack-mount network server

2U rack-mount network serverKILIN-6035
Portwell 2U rack-mount network server with Cavium OCTEON processor and redundant PSU

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BIG-IP solutions
Arista-7160Arista Networks 7160 Series
Highly dynamic cloud data center networks continue to expand bringing with them ever increasing bandwidth demands, accelerating the need for dense 25 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet switching in both leaf and spine tiers of modern networks. The Arista 7160 Series are purpose built fixed configuration 10/25GbE and 100GbE systems with wire speed layer 2 and layer 3 features, built for the highest performance environments, and the largest scale data centers. They combine scalable L2 and L3 resources and high density with a highly programmable and customizable switch architecture.

The 7160 can be deployed in a wide range of open networking solutions including large scale layer 2 and layer 3 cloud designs, overlay networks, virtualized or traditional enterprise data center networks.

BIG-IP solutions
The VIPRION hardware platform is a single, powerful device with modular performance blades you can add or remove with no disruption to your applications and services. With BIG-IP solutions running on VIPRION hardware, you can quickly scale and adapt as your organization’s needs change. Simply add more power to your existing infrastructure instead of adding more devices.

SSL VPN appliance
SSL VPN applianceFirePass® SSL VPN
F5's FirePass® SSL VPN appliance provides secure access to corporate applications and data using a standard web browser.
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next-generation datacenter Server
next-generation datacenter solutionsBIG-IP 8800 Series
The BIG-IP 8800 delivers the highest levels of throughput and transactions per second of any product on the market. With four main processing cores and a separate Packet Velocity ASIC 10 (PVA 10), this device is the ultimate application delivery controller for next-generation data center design.

SATA RAID 6 Storage System
SATA RAID 6 Storage SystemVess R2000 Series
3U-16 Bay Fiber/iSCSI-to-SAS/SATA RAID 6 Storage System

SMB/SOHO markets
Fiber/iSCSI-to-SAS/SATA RAIDN2200Plus 2-bay NAS Appliance
The N2200Plus from Thecus is a 2-bay NAS appliance targeted at the consumer market. Based on the ECONA CNS3420, the N2200Plus provides features like RAID-0/1, hot-swap, NAS and DAS modes and integrated download manager. In addition, the N2200Plus also integrates features such as active LCD display, full multimedia support and USB2.0 OTG support. The N4100Eco is a energy-efficient 4-Bay NAS appliance targeted at the SMB/SOHO markets. Based on the CNS3420, the N4100Eco provides integrated RAID-5 support with best-in-class performance / watt.

Storage Connectivity
Data-Center AccelerationN4100EVO NAS Server
Powered by the XOR engine, it comes bundled with Acronis Backup software and Piczza! Photo server and offers support for XFS, 3TB hard drives, SATA 6Gb/s, iSCSI, as well as an open source module system.

high core density architecture
high core density architectureSuperMassive 9000 Series
The Dell SonicWALL SuperMassive 9000 Series Next-Generation Firewall utilizes the revolutionary technology of the SuperMassive E10000 Series to provide the protection, performance and scalability necessary for today’s 10+ Gigabit enterprise infrastructures. The SuperMassive 9000 Series utilizes a high core density architecture in an elegant, one rack unit appliance, saving rack space and lowering power and cooling costs.

Network Processor
low power embedded applicationsGW2380 Network Platform
The Gateworks GW2380 Laguna Network Processor is targeted for small form factor, low power embedded applications such as Man Portable Units (MPUs), Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) equipment and remote sensor networks. The GW2380 uses a high performance ARM11 SoC coupled with a PCI Express Mini Card socket to provide support for a wide variety of current and next generation radio modules.

Network Processor
network applicationsGW2388-4 Network Platform
The GW2388-4 is a member of the Gateworks Laguna Network Processor family. The GW2388-4 meets the requirements for enterprise and residential network applications. This network processor consists of a Cavium CNS3420 dual core processor operating at 600MHz, 128Mbytes of DDRII-400 SDRAM, and 16Mbytes of Flash.

SSL VPN Concentrator
SSL VPN ConcentratorProSafe™ SSL VPN Concentrator 23 SSL312
NETGEAR ProSafe SSL VPN Concentrator 25-SSL312 Remote Access - Supports 25 concurrent tunnels and is tailored for the Small and Mid-Sized businesses.

Dual WAN Gigabit Firewall with SSL
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and IP security (IPsec)DUAL WAN GIGABIT SSL VPN FIREWALL FVS336G
DUAL WAN GIGABIT SSL VPN FIREWALL- FVS336G NETGEAR's ProSafe Dual WAN Gigabit Firewall with SSL & IPsec VPN offers the best of both worlds by offering two types of virtual private network (VPN) tunnels, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and IP security (IPsec), for optimal secure connection to your network.

WAN application performance
WAN application performancePacketshaper® 10000
PacketShaper is the ultimate scalable platform for optimized WAN application performance

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WLAN controllers and switches for SOHO and SMB
WLAN controllers and switches for SOHO and SMBWLAN 802.11n a/b/g Switch
OCTEON WLAN controllers and switches for SOHO and SMB

VPN Router for high compute applications
VPN Router for high compute applicationsRTX1100 VPN Router
AdvancedTCA processor blade with two Cavium OCTEON 16-core processors ideal for high throughput,high compute applications.

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wireless networking soltions
Dual Band PoE Access PointAirPremier N Dual Band PoE Access Point (DAP-2590)
D-Link, an industry pioneer in wireless networking, introduces a solution for businesses seeking to deploy next generation draft 802.11n LANs. D-Link unveils its new AirPremier N Dual Band PoE Access Point (DAP-2590), designed specifically for business-class environments such as large or enterprise corporations to provide secure and manageable dual band wireless LAN options for network administrators.

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Unified Security Gateway
Unified Security GatewayUSG-50, USG-20 and USG20W

Integrated Service Gateway
Integrated Service GatewayISG50 Series
Integrated Service Gateway

high compute applications
Data-Center AccelerationATCA-9301 Blade
The Emerson ATCA-9301 is a 10 Gigabit AdvancedTCA processor blade with two Cavium OCTEON 16-core processors ideal for high throughput, high compute applications.
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controls the PCI Express
Data-Center AccelerationTelum™ NPA-3804 AdvancedMC module
This chassis is designed to carry a processor AdvancedMC that controls the PCI Express backplane and up to 7 additional AdvancedMCs to add communications and I/O options.

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10Gb Ethernet interfaces
Converged Ethernet EnvironmentWANic 56511, 56512 Intelligent Packet Processors
The WANic 56511 and 56512 are the first PCI Express packet processors to feature the OCTEON™ Plus CN5650 12-core 750MHz processor from Cavium Networks and 10Gb Ethernet interfaces, enabling them to deliver outstanding performance at minimum cost.

IPTV network traffic applications
MIPS64 CN6880 multi-core processorsKontron 64-core 40G ATCA Packet Processor Blade
Kontron targets LTE EPC, DPI, and IPTV network traffic applications with the new AT8242 a 40GbE ATCA packet processor blade designed with two powerful OCTEON II cnMIPS64 CN6880 multi-core processors from Cavium.

network service processor
network service processorDual OCTEON-based ATCA card
The LBATCA-NS0216 is a high performance network service processor board to take a key role in next-generation telecommunication equipment market. The LBATCA-NS0216 has two OCTEON™ NSP (Network Service Processor) and each NSP is configured with sixteen MIPS64r2 core for network processing.

Gigabit Ethernet density
Gigabit Ethernet densityPromentum ATCA-7220 Dual Octeon™ Plus Packet Processing Module
The RadiSys Promentum™ ATCA-7220 is an AdvancedTCA packet processing blade that provides highest available Gigabit Ethernet density and throughput.

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Converged Ethernet Environment
Data-Center AccelerationThe RadiSys Promentum™
ATCA (AdvancedTCA) family includes a fully integrated application ready platform and modular building blocks configured for multiple applications.

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Storage Network Solutions
Infrastructure SolutionsMyWirelessTV
With Actiontec’s MyWirelessTV system, you can watch HD television in any room in the house. This easy-to-use wireless HD video kit wirelessly transmits HDTV throughout the home, so you can put your HD television wherever you want, without having to worry about HDMI cables.

Infrastructure Solutions
Dual Band Unified Service RouterDSR-1000N
Wireless N Dual Band Unified Service Router

Dual Band Unified Service Router
Infrastructure SolutionsHTC Media Link HD
Wirelessly share content from your phone to your high-definition TV with the HTC Media Link HD. It’s quick, convenient, and completely cordless, and allows you to stream your favorite content.

DLNA-based streaming capability
DLNA-based streaming capabilityAirSharing AM02
The new PureVu-based AirSharing adapter, when combined with Huawei’s media sharing application on their new Mate smartphone, enable consumers with superior content sharing and viewing experience. Whether stored locally or streamed from the cloud, content can be projected from the small screen of the mobile device to the larger screen of a high definition TV. With support for both screen projection and DLNA-based streaming capability, the AirSharing adapter is designed to turn Huawei’s mobile devices into the center of entertainment and media sharing at home.

 wireless HDMI adapter
 wireless HDMI adapterDWD-300
The LG DWD-300 is a lightweight Miracast™ Certified wireless HDMI adapter that uses Wi-Fi technology.

GBE Router w/VPN Security, Smart Networking
GBE Router w/VPN Security, Smart NetworkingGbE & VPN / Secure Router
5-Port GBE Router w/VPN Security, Smart Networking

Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band
Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band11n Video Bridge
Wireless-N Ethernet Bridge with Dual-Band

Wireless Display Adapter
Wireless Display AdapterPush2TV® Wireless Display Adapter
Wirelessly display laptop, tablet or smartphone screen on your HDTV

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Infrastructure Solutions
Wireless Display AdapterWireless Display Adapter EB-L70181 (Only Japanese)
Miracast compliant Wireless Display Adapter EB-L70181

Wireless HDMI Display Adapter
Wireless HDMI Display AdapterAllShare Cast Wireless Hub
Wirelessly stream pictures, videos, music and more from your AllShare Cast-enabled device to your HDTV or HDMI® display with the Samsung WI-FI All-Share Cast Hub, Wireless HDMI Display Adapter.

Wireless HDMI Display Adapter
Wireless HDMI Display AdapterNWA3000-N Series
802.11 a/b/g/n Business Access Point