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Radisys Introduces Highest-Density And Throughput Packet Processing Module Based On Cavium Octeon™ Plus Technology

Innovative Smart FrontEndTM implementation in the ATCA-7220 enables higher performance, reliability and flexibility

HILLSBORO, OR — January 29, 2008 – RadiSys Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), a leading global provider of advanced embedded solutions, today introduced its Promentum™ ATCA-7220 Dual OCTEON™ PLUS Packet Processing Module, the industry’s first blade to enable highest density of Gigabit Ethernet interfaces in a single slot. With significantly higher processing power and bandwidth access than other platforms available today, the new Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) module enables a complete solution for packet processing applications such as Radio Network Controllers, session border control (SBC), security gateways, edge routers and media gateways.

The ATCA-7220 module is designed with a Cavium Networks (NASDAQ: CAVM) OCTEON Plus multi-core MIPS64 processor, which enables the highest throughput and wire speed available, giving manufacturers a competitive advantage in taking next-generation equipment to market. Its innovative architecture incorporates a Smart FrontEnd with a 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch with content aware capabilities. The Smart FrontEnd allows offloading preprocessing from the Cavium Processors, enhances manageability of the processors, and enables flexibility of data flow to and from the processors. With superior density and throughput for each slot, the ATCA-7220 helps companies minimize capital expenditures by reducing the amount of equipment needed. The new module features RadiSys’ optimized IP data path software, which improves manufacturers’ ability to accelerate time to market and time to revenue. In addition, the future-proof ATCA platform gives manufacturers a clear path to migrate easily to the next generation of OCTEON processors.

“Soaring Internet traffic is not only prompting a multitude of new, enhanced services, but it’s also posing greater security threats, making it critical that manufacturers incorporate deeper packet inspection and processing capability into their all-IP network infrastructures,” said Anthony Ambrose, Vice President and General Manager of Communications Networks, RadiSys. “RadiSys is uniquely positioned to offer this combination of Cavium processing technology and 10-gigabit platform solution; further building on our suite of award-winning Promentum ATCA embedded solutions.”

The ATCA-7220 is a single slot ATCA module that supports the Option 9 (10 GE) fabric interface. It incorporates an onboard 10GE switch to facilitate very flexible data flow models and enables powerful packet processing solutions needed for the next generation equipment. The combination of ATCA-7220 with fully validated IP data path software such as IPV4/V6 forwarding, load balancing, IPSec, etc., along with the award winning 10G ATCA Platform enables equipment manufacturers to accelerate their time to market and money. The density of both I/O and packet processing makes this unique solution apt for reducing the costly foot print required for next generation network infrastructure. The ATCA-7220 also includes a local management processor to enable blade management functions and offers front or rear I/O.

“Cavium Networks OCTEON Plus multi-core processors have tremendous design momentum in a broad range of telecom and wireless infrastructure applications due to their leading performance, integrated application acceleration and low power characteristics,” said Rajiv Khemani, vice president of marketing and sales, Cavium Networks. “We are pleased to see RadiSys deliver an innovative combination of OCTEON processors with 10-gigabit, on-board switching to deliver a new data flow architecture which will help manufacturers meet their evolving requirements and bring timely and innovative products to market.”

The award winning RadiSys ATCA SYS-6010 platform has been architected to take advantage of this Smart FrontEnd technique. The SYS-6010 is the industry’s first 10-Gigabit ATCA Application Ready Platform. It integrates state-of-the-art building blocks such as 10 GE switch and control module, dual-core compute module, SAS/FC storage modules, STM-1/OC-3, PDH and Gigabit line card modules and platform software including data path software to meet the next generation performance requirements for the target applications.

The ATCA-7220 Dual OCTEON™ PLUS Packet Processing Module will be available in early 2008

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