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OCTEON TX® 64-bit ARM-based SOCs

Industry's Wide Range Of 64-bit ARM®-based SOCs

OCTEON TX® CN80XX and 81XX Dual and Quad-core 64-bit ARM-Based SOC for Networking, Security, IoT and Control Plane

The OCTEON TX CN80XX/81XX families of Multi-Core 64-bit ARM Embedded Processors target SMB and entry-level Enterprise platforms for networking and storage including

  • UTM & Security Appliances
  • IOT Gateways
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Switch Control Plane
  • Mainstream Control Plane
  • Network Attached Printers
  • Enterprise Access Points
  • Service Provider Gateways
  • Industrial
  • Military/Aero



    IOT Gateway & Router
    IOT Gateway & Router
    • Fanless, Cost Effective
    • Flexible & Wide Connectivity
    • Hardware Virtualization)
    • Enterprise-grade Security

    Network Attached Storage
    Network Attached Storage
    • Wide Scalability from 1-bay to 5-bays
    • High Performance Encrypted Storage
    • Integrated SATA and 10G Support
    • Low-power & Cost-Effective

    OCP Switch Control Card/ COM Express Module
    Network Attached Storage
    • High performance
    • Cost effective
    • Compact Form Factor
    • DDR3/DDR4 with ECC support