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OCTEON TX® 64-bit ARM-based SOCs

Industry’s Wide Range of 64-bit ARM®-based SOCs

OCTEON TX® 64-bit ARM-based SOCs


The OCTEON TX® ARM 64-bit SOC family of processors combine the best-in-class data plane performance of the OCTEON® SOC family, and the rich software ecosystem and virtualization features, extended support of open source applications and highly optimized custom ARMv8.1 CPU cores of the ThunderX® family. It also integrates the Cavium™ flagship security architecture from the NITROX® Vsecurity processor family. With this unique combination of performance, features and interfaces, the OCTEON TX provides an excellent solution for service-centric networks and addresses additional application areas in the embedded processor market. The OCTEON TX offers a software compatible, scalable product family to meet the wide range of price, power and performance requirements of various end markets such as virtual CPE, wireless transport, NAS, storage appliances and controllers, IOT gateways, industrial control, SMB routers, security appliances, data center accelerators, data center appliances and various control plane applications. Dual and Quad-core 64-bit ARM-Based SOC

Comprehensive Control and Data Plane Solution for Open, Services-Centric Applications

24-core Octeon-TX processor   64-bit MIPS cores   twenty-four 64-bit ARM v8 cores   MIPS virtualization support
  • Scales from 1 to 96 cores, 800MHz to 192GHz

  • Integrated 40/10/1GbE, PCI-e v3, SATA 3.0
  • Spans operating systems, tool chains, Hypervisors from Datacenters, Cloud down to CPE

  • Server Grade Hypervisor & Container support for Virtualization

  • 400Mbps to 200Gbps of security, packet throughput

  • 1Gbps to 40Gbps of compression
  • vNIC for multiple networking SW paradigms

  • OCTEON model delivers 50Mpps

Product Information

Family Part Cores Ethernet IO Memory IO
CN8890 x2
96 4x40GbE/16 x10GbE 4 x DDR4/DDR3,
64b + ECC
(2 sets in dual node)
16 SATA 3.0, Up to 6
PCI-e v3, USB 3.0
(2 sets in dual node)

OCTEON TX (Embedded)

24 3x40GbE/12x10GbE/1GbE 2 x DDR4/DDR3,
64b + ECC
Multiple Ports
  • Up to 6 SATA 3.0,
  • Up to 4 PCI-e v3,
  • Up to 2 USB 3.0
  • TDM (CN80XX/81XX)

DDR4/DDR3 with Up to 2400MTS

20 3x40GbE/12x10GbE/1GbE
16 2x40GbE/12x10GbE/1GbE
12 12 x10GbE/1GbE

1 x DDR4/DDR3,
64b + ECC

8 12 x10GbE/1GbE
6 12 x10GbE/1GbE
4 8 x10GbE/9 x1GbE
2 4 x10GbE/9 x1GbE
CN8030 4 2 x10GbE/5 x1GbE 1 x DDR4/DDR3,
32b + ECC
CN8020 2 2 x10GbE/5 x1GbE 1 x DDR4/DDR3,
32b + ECC
CN8010 1 5 x1GbE 1 x DDR4/DDR3,
32b + ECC

OCTEON TX 64-bit ARM-Based SOC

OCTEON TX® Product Line
OCTEON TX 64-bit ARM-Based SOC
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