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Overview The OCTEON Multi-core MIPS64 Processor family supports standard operating systems including Linux and VxWorks along with a simple executive for data-plane applications. OCTEON processors can host a variety of popular software architectures, including support for separate operating systems on separate cores, flexibly grouping processors into Data-plane and Control-plane processors and ability to implement run-to-completion or pipe-lined software models. Cavium provides a complete GNU tool-chain and popular third party tool-chain support that enables thousands of MIPS and other C/C++ applications and code to be easily ported to the OCTEON processors. Additionally, Cavium provides APIs and reference software for Firewall, VPN/IPsec, SSL, TCP, IDS and Anti-virus applications. No special micro-coding or proprietary tool-chains are required.

All SDKs are delivered in both binary and source code* format with royalty free license.

* Where applicable

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