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OCTEON® Data Plane Toolkits

OCTEON® Data Plane Toolkits

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The OCTEON Software Data Plane Toolkits are optional packages available to Cavium customers to speed time-to-market. These toolkits deliver production-quality, feature-rich applications provided as ‘C’ source. OCTEON toolkits are optimized for maximum performance and support selected members of the OCTEON processor family.

Mips64 Development Board

Available OCTEON toolkits include:

  • SSL: Full handshake and record processing with advanced hash/crypto support
  • TCP/IP: High throughput and connection setup/teardown with BSD-compliant API’s and IPv4/v6 support
  • IPsec: Full protocol and encryption/decryption processing with IPv4/v6 support
  • SRTP: Optimized secure RTP (SRTP) library implementing RFC3711, ideal for secure VoIP and other real-time applications
Protocol stacks and Application software for the OCTEON Processor family is also supported by a large number of Partners. For more information please click here

Software Toolkits
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OCTEON IPsec Toolkit Source Code License
OCTEON TCP Toolkit Source Code License
OCTEON SSL Toolkit Source Code License
OCTEON SRTP Toolkit Source Code License