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OCTEON® II CN66XX Processors

OCTEON® II CN66XX Multi-Core MIPS64 Processors


The OCTEON® II CN66XX family of Multi-Core MIPS64 Internet Application Processors targets high-performance, high-volume applications in enterprise routers, switches, control plane applications, appliances, 3G/4G basestations, and intelligent storage and server adapters. The family includes four software and pin-compatible processors, with six to ten cnMIPS64 v2 cores at up to 1.5GHz speed on a massively integrated SoC that includes the latest SERDES-based I/O's including PCIe Gen2, XAUI, and sRIO, along with Cavium's most advanced third-generation application hardware acceleration. CN66XX processors deliver over 15Gbps application performance.

The CN66XX provides high performance integration for next generation 3G/4G/LTE wireless base station platforms, providing up to 15GHz of compute with a large 2MB L2 cache, DDR3 memory controller, security acceleration for SNOW 3G and KASUMI, TCP/IP packet processing acceleration, and QoS. PowerOptimizer™ technology limits maximum power from 9 to 20 watts from low-end to high-end.

Support for dual 10XAUI ports along with RAID 5/6 and De-dup, combined with 15GHz of compute in a constrained power envelope, provide for high performance storage and server adapters, and enterprise class NAS/iSCSI appliances. Additional acceleration for HFA pattern matching & Compression, along with the richest set of encryption/decryption support, enables highly integrated services switches, routers, and appliances, including load balancer and WAN optimization. Supported by industry-standard software tool chains and operating systems, the CN66XX is both foot print and software compatible with CN63xx enabling customers a seamless migration for 2x performance enhancement.

Product Information

OCTEON II CN66XX Network Processor
Device cnMIPS II cores Performance Options L2 Cache Networking Interfaces PCI-Express Memory I/O
w/ ECC
Per Second
6635 6 18B Y Y 2MB


2x [x4 PCI-e lanes]
or 1 x4 SRIO
or 2 x2 SRIO
DDR3 Up to 1600MHz  1x72 bit wide 900FCBGA
6645 10 30B Y Y

Device Options:
Device Speed Grade (800 = 800 MHz, 1100 = 1.1 GHz, 1300 = 1.3GHz, 1500 = 1.5GHz)

Option code for device family listed below:
AAP = Application Acceleration Processor: Includes RAID, encryption, RegEx acceleration, compression/decompression, networking, TCP acceleration, and QoS
CP = Communication Processor: Includes networking, TCP acceleration, and QoS
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OCTEON II CN66XX Product Brief

OCTEON II CN66XX Multi-Core MIPS64 Processors

Most Advanced Networking - Security - Wireless

Most Advanced Networking - Security - Wireless

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