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LiquidIO® II Network Appliance Smart NICs

Market Leading Smart NICs with Network and Security Acceleration for Cloud Data Center workloads

LiquidIO® II Network Appliance Smart NICs

The Cavium LiquidIO® II Network Appliance Smart NICs family of multi-function accelerator NICss delivers the industry's broadest range of compatible boards for security (SSL/IPsec, SRTP, Data-at-Rest), TCP, compression/decompression, and Intrusion Prevention/Anti-virus (IPS/AV) processing in secure network services and storage applications. The LiquidIO II Network Appliance Smart NICs enable the fastest time to market for appliances from 10Gbps to 80Gbps performance. These boards integrate unique capabilities such as C/C++ programmability and various Network offload HW blocks Cavium also provides RFC complaint toolkits such as TCP, SSL, IPsec etc toolkits which are used to jump start the development on these cards.

The LiquidIO Smart NICs family includes 40GbE with QSFP optical connections that provide the high performance and key features for OEM networking, security, and storage appliances. All LiquidIO II Network Appliance Smart NICs are supported by a portable host driver and APIs for hardware offload. Various product options are available within each family to suit the specific needs of each individual applications.


Product Information

Part Number Configuration Compute Cycle PCIe connector
CN7890-240NV Dual Port QSFP+ 40GbE cnMIPS 48 Cores @ 1.6GHz x8
Product Literature
LiquidIO® Network Appliance Smart NICs CN78XX_Product Brief

Cavium's LiquidIO® Adapters with dual port 40 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, built using Cavium's market leading technology, provides best-in-class performance for Hyperscale, Telco, and Enterprise/Private datacenters with intelligent network acceleration.