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NITROX® Security Processors
Cavium award winning NITROX families of security processors offer solutions delivering 50 Mbps to 40Gbps of encryption bandwidth with 1K to 200K RSA/DH operations per second. Cavium highly integrated, feature rich NITROX families of Security Processors deliver unprecedented performance in wired and wireless network security applications and SSL based secure e-Business while significantly reducing the cost and complexity of deployment.
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Security Processors
Typical Performance
SSL Processing IPsec Processing DH (180 bit) RSA OPS (1024 bit)

5 Gbps - 30 Gbps

5 Gbps - 30 Gbps

35K - 200K

35K - 200K 

500 Mbps - 2.5 Gbps

500 Mbps - 2.5 Gbps

6.5K - 27K

4K - 17K 

   This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (
   This product includes software written by Tim Hudson (

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