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Cavium is the First with Ubuntu arm Server 13.10 Support

Cavium is the First with Ubuntu Server 13.10 Support

Ubuntu is the leading Linux distribution powering the cloud and the most popular Linux web platform. Ubuntu is used extensively on public clouds such as Amazon AWS, Rackspace and leading Software-as-a -Service vendors. Ubuntu OpenStack is the leading private cloud platform used by major telecommunications and OEM’s to build local premises clouds. As part of the Ubuntu platform Cavium’s Project Thunder takes advantage of the full range of capabilities and applications in Ubuntu including a full range of management features designed for the Cloud.

Cavium’s Project Thunder provides a scalable family of 64-bit ARMv8 processors incorporated into a highly differentiated SoC architecture optimized for cloud and datacenter applications. Project Thunder consists of a family of SoCs processors that integrate high-performance compute, networking, security, storage along with targeted workload application acceleration and high-speed industry standard IOs. Project Thunder processors will provide significantly better price, performance and power value proposition over alternative solutions for target applications in cloud and datacenters. For more information contact Cavium.

Developers, datacenter and cloud operators can download the Ubuntu 13.10 Server preview for developer by completing the registration form at
Alternatively contact your Cavium sales account manager and ask for access to the Thunder SDK.

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