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Cavium Networks Announces the Availability of its Highly Integrated Single Chip PureVu™ Video Processor Family Enabling Whole-home Wireless Display Capability

CNW56XX video processor family offers best-in-class standards-based wireless display solutions for a wide range of PC and CE devices

Taipei, Taiwan, June 1, 2010 Cavium Networks (NASDAQ: CAVM), a leading provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for networking, communications, and the digital home, today announced the availability of its CNW56XX video processor family. Cavium's high performance and highly integrated PureVu line of processors with Super Low Latency (SLL™) H.264 compression technology enables standards-based wireless display solutions over 802.11 WiFi at high volume consumer price points.

Cavium's new video processor family enables wireless HD video distribution over a broad range of CE and PC devices, enabling multi-room and multi-display viewing of protected content, wireless docking and extended displays, and highly interactive applications such as wireless gaming. Cavium's standards-based solutions are ideally positioned to address the scalability and compatibility required to deliver any content to any display throughout the home.

CNW56xx Family Members and Target Applications
CNW5602 is the most feature-rich member of Cavium's new video processor family. This System-on-a-Chip (SoC) can support bi-directional video transfer functionality capable of H.264 compression up to 1920x1200 at 60 frames per second, superior user control menus on a 2D graphics engine, and HDCP 2.0 content protection. CNW5602 targets a multitude of CE and PC products including HDMI transmit and receive adapters, BD-players, home video routers, and wireless gaming adapters.

In addition, by incorporating the CNW5602 into a TV panel, OEMs can differentiate their high end products by converting the TV from being purely a consumer of content to a source transmitting to a multitude of smaller displays around the home. This is very attractive for TV OEMs as it brings mobility and brand loyalty with minimal cost adders. It's also completely in-line with their wireless technology integration plans since Cavium's wireless display solutions rely solely on standards-based WiFi, requiring no additional radios or antenna technologies.

CNW5611 is an SoC designed to enable TV displays and PC monitors with Cavium's wireless display capability. It's equipped with a wide range of interfaces allowing for seamless integration into most TVs and monitors. A rapidly growing number of TV displays and PC monitors are integrating WiFi modules for network connectivity. OEMs now have the option to upgrade the WiFi module with the CNW5611 to enable wireless display functionality and Hollywood quality content protection with minimal impact on cost or foot-print. The high performance video engine at the heart of the CNW5611, along with Cavium's advanced error resiliency technology built into the architecture ensures excellent user experience through robust video transmission and extremely responsive user interactivity.

CNW5621's small foot-print and low power profile make it ideal for bringing PureVu's high performance (up to 1920x1200 resolution at 60 frames per second), near-zero compression latency, and HDCP 2.0 content protection to portable computing and entertainment devices, such as notebook computers, netbooks, and MIDs. CNW5621 has been designed for integration inside the PC on a DMC (Display Mini Card) and other mini card form factors, as well as accessory solutions with USB and HDMI dongles.

Platforms, Pricing, and Availability
In order to shorten time-to-revenue for OEM customers, Cavium and its growing list of ODM partners are building a broad spectrum of reference designs and turn-key solutions ranging from DMC modules for PC platforms to stand-alone transmit and receive HDMI adaptors and dongles for enabling existing CE devices with Cavium's wireless display functionality.

The new CNW56XX family of processors and supporting reference platforms can be viewed at Cavium's private suite #1039 and #1040 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel during the 2010 Computex Show in Taipei, Taiwan. For general availability and pricing info, as well as arranging for a demonstration at Computex, contact Cavium sales at

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