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Benison Technologies Inc   Last Updated: May 17, 2013
Company Description
Benison Technologies is a boutique engineering services firm that is exclusively focused on the Communications Industry specializing in Multicore Data Plane Architecture and Development.

Our clients and partners benefit from our teamís vast experience in delivering solutions for the OCTEON family of multi-core processors. Some of the solutions we have delivered on the OCTEON processor family are

1. Security Switches with Intrusion (IDS/IPS) / Malware / Traffic Anomaly Detection, Stateful Firewall, IPSec etc.
2. DPI Applications
3. Analytics Solutions

The Benison team consists of highly seasoned networking geeks whose skills in data path programming are complemented by a thorough understanding of the networking ecosystem. This ensures that our client's use cases are effectively understood and addressed.

Our services and solutions are validated by our success in establishing relationships with some of the most prestigious Tier 1 equipment vendors in the industry.

Contact Information
For further information and Enquiries please contact
Ajay Virginkar at +1-510-435-5214

You can also email us your questions by sending them to

Weblink : http://www.benisontech.com
1. Professional Services - Migration
2. Professional Services - Security
3. Professional Services - Mobile Packet Gateway
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