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Whizz Systems Inc.   Last Updated: February 7, 2012
Company Description
Whizz Systems, Inc. is a comprehensive design and manufacturing services company located in Santa Clara, CA, with Cavium OCTEON processor board design experience. We have the engineering expertise to take an idea from concept to a fully tested/verified product.

Whizz Systems is proficient in 3 areas:

System/Board Level Design/Layout and Signal Integrity Services
Silicon/ASIC/FPGA Design Services
NPI/Prototype/Medium Volume Manufacturing

This proficiency extends to a number of technology disciplines including networking, communications, wireless, storage, audio, video and more.

The bulk of our business in this area is in layout services. We can also do the whole design ground up. We believe we can be of the most value in the design area, where we can use additional design resources to shorten development cycles and get products out sooner.

Some of our customers include: Cisco, Xilinx, Foundry Networks, Sun, HP, Brocade, UCBerkeley and many more.

Contact Information
Shoaib Mahmud
Regional Director, Business Development
Direct: 408.980.0400 x 130
Cell: 510.468.6692
Whizz Systems Inc.
3140 Alfred St.
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Weblink : http://www.whizzsystems.com
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