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Heat Technology Incorporated   Last Updated: February 24, 2009
Company Description
Heat Technology, Inc. (HTI) solves thermal problems in a broad range of computer and consumer electronic markets.

HTI provides state of the art skills and technologies which enable customers to get the best engineered solution at the most economical price.

We are proactive in understanding our customers' future business and technical requirements, allowing us to anticipate their needs and reduce time to market.

HTI is partnered with world class offshore manufacturers allowing us considerable flexibility in sourcing and cost control. Prior to shipment to our customers, 100% of our products are received in our US facility and subject to our in house quality control and inspections.

Heat Technology Inc. is an industry leader in providing thermal designs for low profile ATCA, blade and embedded applications. We are experts at developing these often custom solutions, quickly and economically.

Contact Information
Gil Dillon

Heat Technology Inc.
106 Pratt's Junction Road, Box 430
Sterling, Massachusetts 01564

Phone: (978)422-7100
Email: Gdillon@heattechnology.com

Weblink : http://Heattechnology.com
1. Thermal Engineering & Design Services
2. HT130567 OCTEON Heat Sink
3. HT130553 OCTEON/NITROX Fan Sink
4. HT130483 Heat Sinks for OCTEON CN30xx and CN31xx Processors
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