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Lanner Electronics, Inc.   Last Updated: October 10, 2008
1U 2P Intel Quad-Core XEON Network Appliance with 12GbE network ports
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Product Overview
* Dual processor Intel Quad-Core Xeon 5100, 5300 and 5400 series.
* Intel 5100P chipset server-grade chipset.
* Onboard Cavium NITROX CN1620 processes high-level IPsec and IKE, IPv6, SSL and Wireless LAN security protocols.
* Up to 12 Ethernet ports via three expansion slots.
* Supports 10GbE network module and fibre by-pass.
* Field replacement fans, hard drives, network modules.

Weblink : http://lannerinc.com/Network_Application_Platforms/x86_Network_Appliance/FW-8870
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