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Adax Inc.   Last Updated: March 12, 2014
High-performance Security & DPI OCTEON II PCIe Card
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Product Overview
The Pkt2-PCIe takes advantage of the advanced OCTEON II CN6645 to provide front-end intelligent processing for DPI, Traffic and Bandwidth Management, QoS and Security on all LTE wireless applications. The Adax Pkt2-PCIe delivers highly available, high-performance, carrier-grade transport services from the Edge to Core networks. The OCTEON II CN6645 offers 10 cores at 1.1GHz with 2, 4, or 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, delivering line speed packet processing for today’s demanding mobile applications.

Designed for use in Rack Mount Servers (RMS) the Pkt2-PCIe serves high availability, high bandwidth carrier applications in LTE wireless network nodes such as the MME, SGW and PGW. The Pkt2-PCIe is applicable in the broadest range of legacy, 3G and 4G network elements found in today’s networks. This range includes Core Network nodes, Security Gateways, Femto/Home eNodeB Gateways, Policy Servers, Data Offload devices, third-party applications and partner software such as the recently announced AdaxEPC.

Weblink : http://adax.com/products/packetamc.html
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