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Benison Technologies Inc   Last Updated: May 17, 2013
Professional Services - Mobile Packet Gateway
Solutions for Mobile Broadband Gateway Operating in GGSN and PDN
Product Overview
The rapid emergence of LTE and 4G mobile technologies has led to development of the next generation of Mobile Infrastructure Equipment. These IP/packet-based technologies are opening new revenue generating avenues for wireless carriers.

The Cavium OCTEON family of processors provides the speed, scale and flexibility to deploy advanced features that enable wireless carriers to provide value added services to their customers.

The Benison Technologies team understands the technology challenges in this ecosystem and can help customers in the architecture, design and development of such systems using the OCTEON processors. In addition to the baseline switching and routing features, we have expertise in the following:
1. Subscriber / Mobility and APN Management
2. Per-subscriber Traffic Stats, ACLs, QoS, GTP Encap/Decap, IPv4/IPv6 Addressing and Traffic Policing
3. IP Services Including C Grade NAT and Stateful Firewall
4. Lawful Intercept
5. Parental Control and Content Caching

Weblink : http://benisontechnologies.com/content/solutions/design/
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