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Parallocity, Inc.   Last Updated: January 31, 2013
Zeus Virtual Machine for User Space (ZVM-U)
Automated Defect Detection Software for User Space Applications
Product Overview
Zeus Virtual Machine for User Space (ZVM-U) accurately identifies various hard-to-find or hidden programming defects using proprietary algorithms and dynamic software analysis. The ZVM-U host-target architecture design makes it a tool of choice for Linux, Android and BSD UNIX-based embedded systems, apart from its applicability to mainstream applications running on Linux/ BSD UNIX OS.

ZVM Features:
o Concurrency defect detection - identifies and categorizes threading related issues
o Memory error detection
o Common programming defect detection
o Code analytics
o Code Coverage analysis reports code executed during tests over the entire source code base
o Diffview shows code coverage for incremental changes over a reference code base

Weblink : http://www.parallocity.com/zvm-concurrency-defects-runtime-analysis.html
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