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Kontron   Last Updated: May 19, 2011
AT8242 40G ATCA Blade
64-Core 40G ATCA Packet Processor Blade
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Product Overview
Kontron targets LTE EPC, DPI, and IPTV network traffic applications with this new AT8242 – a 40GbE ATCA packet processor blade designed with two powerful 32-core OCTEON® II cnMIPS64 CN6880 multi-core processors from Cavium Networks. Achieve more efficient and powerful L2-L7 deterministic packet processing, deep packet content inspection (RegEx), application-aware switching and routing, parsing, and IPv6/IPv4 forwarding applications, all at 40Gbps wire-speed.

Combine the AT8242 with the Kontron OM9141-40G and OM9141-10G ATCA 14-slot integrated platforms for LTE EPC core and edge network applications: Packet Data Network Gateways (PGW), Serving Gateways (SGW) and Mobility Management Entity (MME) network elements.

Each processor supports 2x 20Gbps and 2x 10Gbps for a total of up to 60Gbps to a Ethernet Multilayer Switch that has a bandwidth capacity of up to 320Gbps and is connected to the Fabric Interface with configurable 40/10 GbE links.

Weblink : http://us.kontron.com/products/boards+and+mezzanines/advancedtca/processor/at8242.html
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