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GE Intelligent Platforms   Last Updated: June 13, 2012
WANic 6354
OCTEON II Ethernet Packet Processor PCI Express Card
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Product Overview
The WANic 6354 is a high performance Packet Processor based on Cavium's OCTEON II multi-core processor. Ideal for IP communications networks, the WANic 6354 can be configured to enable a wide variety of applications such as wire-speed communications for secure IP access, network encryption, network monitoring and Deep Packet Inspection.

WANic 6354 provides a 6-core. 1.1GHz OCTEON II CN6335-AAP wth 2MB of shared L2 cache memory, delivering up to 4 Gb/s line-speed packet processing for Layers 2-7. Other features include: 4GB of DDR3 memory via VLP Mini-RDIMM modules; 512MB of DDR3 SDRAM for HFA/DFA memory; 32MB of SDRAM Persistent Memory for storing processor state information; 2GB of eUSB Flash Disk for bulk memory storage; a 4-lane PCI Express Generation 2 bus interface to the host; and IEEE 1588 support and hardware timestamping.

Four front panel ports with SFP connectors support IEEE 10/100/1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet as well as short- and long-reach optical.

Weblink : http://www.ge-ip.com/products/3538
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