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Kontron   Last Updated: May 19, 2011
Kontron AM4204
AdvancedMC Intelligent IO Module
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Product Overview
The Kontron AM4204 enables a proliferation of potential “NEP-Ready” Kontron platforms
dedicated to load balancing, secure DPI, content-aware and QoS over Ethernet applications.

The Kontron AM4204 is the first in the series, featuring 4 x 1GbE ports to the front and software configurable interfaces to the Fabric side (PCIe, 4x 1GbE or XAUI). When integrated with an AdvancedTCA switch, the Intelligent IO module provides exceptional added functionality such as load balancing for Web Server, SIP Server, SSL Offload, and content- or application-aware processing applications. Likewise, it can support QoS over Ethernet for IPTV, video on demand and any other broadband media services.

The AM4204 is based on the Cavium Networks OCTEON ™ Plus CN5650 multi-core packet processors, and are optimized for layer 4 to 7 data and security processing, targeting access and service providers with 3G/4G BTS, RNC, xGSN and Media Gateways.

Weblink : http://us.kontron.com/products/boards+and+mezzanines/advancedmc/io/am42xx.html
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