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CSS’s TurboDPI software solution is a network-based multi-functional platform that helps OEMs and ODMs rapidly develop deep packet inspection (DPI) applications. If you don’t have your own DPI product, or if your existing DPI application isn’t optimized for performance, TurboDPI is for you.

Our TurboDPI solution is ideal for OCTEON-based products that require the following security features:

  • Protocol detection
  • Malware protection
  • Intrusion detection and prevention

Uni-Scan Technology
To achieve optimal performance, TurboDPI uses our proprietary Uni-Scan technology. With Uni-Scan, TurboDPI can perform multiple detections within a single packet scan because it takes advantage of the OCTEON chip’s HFA engine. This hardware-assisted approach can deliver three times the performance of traditional, software-only packet scanning techniques.

If you need a high-speed deep packet inspection solution for your product, TurboDPI could provide the improved performance you need at a significantly lower development cost.

For detailed information, download our TurboDPI white paper [PDF] >

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multi-function DPI security software solution

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