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PureVu™ CNW6611L

The PureVu™ CNW6611L is a highly integrated media SoC optimized for wireless display and home media streaming applications.  Target applications include stand-alone wireless media adapters for TVs and PC monitors, as well as small form factor modules designed for integration into next generation TV panels, PC monitors, and portable displays.  With its advanced audio/video processing and optimized latency profile, the architecture is ideally suited for high quality and interactive applications.  The high degree of integration enables system designers to build ultra-small and low power devices with very aggressive system BOM.

With a high performance ARM sub-system, and dedicated video, audio, graphics and security hardware engines, CNW6611L packs enough horse-power to decode and display full 1080 resolution video, while performing all the necessary networking and decryption tasks to ensure a robust video delivery of premium content.  The integrated audio and video engines offer multi-format decoding capability, enabling the SoC the handle a wide range of file formats and codecs for wireless display and media streaming protocols including Cavium’s WiVu, WiFi Alliance’s wireless display standard specification, Intel’s WiDi, and DLNA.  A dedicated graphics engine is also included to provide seamless user interactivity through advanced GUI designs.

  • Multi-format video decoder sub-system
  • Video codecs including H.264, VC-1, AVS, MPEG4, etc.
  • Flexible audio decoder sub-system
  • Audio codecs including MP3, AAC, AC3, etc.
  • High performance ARM sub-system
  • Up to1080p30 decoding performance
  • Optimized latency profile for interactivity
  • Error resiliency & concealment
  • Crypto engine for HDCP 2.0 & DTCP-IP
  • Graphics accelerator for GUI
  • MII, USB, SPI, SDIO, etc.
  • Integrated HDMI 1.3
  • Display processor
  • Video post-processor
  • Wireless display TV adapter
  • Home media streaming receiver
  • Wireless monitors and TV module


CNW6611L - Block Diagram

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The Golden Bridge Awards 2013

The Golden Bridge Awards 2013

IT World Awards 2013

TV Connect Shortlist Award

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PureVu™ CNW6611L– Product Family

Device # of Video Ports Max Performance Content Protection Key I/O Protocol Support Target Market
CNW6611L-600BG429-SCP-G 1

p30 / i60

HDCP & DTCP-IP MII, USB, SDIO WiVu, WiDi, WFD, DLNA Wireless Display Rx Adapter
Wireless Module for TV and PC Monitor
CNW6611L-600BG324-SCP-G 1 1920x1080
p30 / i60
HDCP & DTCP-IP USB, SDIO WiVu, WiDi, WFD, DLNA USB-powered Wireless Display Rx Adapter
Wireless Module for TV and PC Monitor

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